Worcester Wedding Photographer

Lavallee Photography

We aim for 5 Star service for each client. We also post our prices on our website. You will find that is not common in the New England market. Some of our Landscapes have been featured on FOX & WBZ.

All our work is done digitally using Canon EOS 5D Mark IV's & III's.

As of late we have specialized in Wedding Photography, but have also done many other types of photography over the years. From College shots to portraits, to business photos, Landscapes, Real Estate, Birthday's, School Theatre, Musicals, Birthday Parties, we've done a lot.

We are located conveniently in Worcester, the heart of Central Massachusetts.

We are available to meet with you on evenings & weekends to discuss your needs.

Warren's family has been in Central Mass since the late 1800's. His Great Grandfather was born in Spencer MA on Mar 28, 1885, his Grandfather was born in Millbury MA on Jan 26, 1913 & his father was born in Worcester MA on Feb 22, 1938? Although he didn't move to Worcester until about 10 years ago (Only his wife knows for sure) he feels like this is his home!

250 Commercial St, #450, Worcester, MA 01608

(508) 925-0003 - info@lavallee.photo

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