Wedding Packages - Lavallee Photography

Start with our base wedding package -- $999.99

Our base package includes:

  1. Up to 8 hours of photography time on-site, one photographer
  2. Up to 8 hours of off-site processing of your digital images
  3. Up to 30 minutes of travel from Worcester to your venue, each way. (1-hour total)
  4. Up to 5 Groom's men (including best man), and 5 Bride's maids (including Maid of Honor)
  5. Unlimited Photos:
    1. Every single photo is hand-retouched and edited
    2. Outdoor photos are geo-tagging
    3. All your photos are uploaded to a gallery on the Internet
  6. A CD (or DVD if its larger than a CD) of 4”x6” JPG’s @ 200dpi with license to print as many copies as you want (has a watermark in lower right corner)
  7. An engagement portrait in our studio or an outdoor venue in the Worcester area
  8. We finish editing all the photos, burn the CD/DVD, drop it in the mail, and create the online photo gallery within 2 business days of your wedding. (It's in the contract!)

Choose your AddOns:

  1. Surcharge for larger wedding parties.  Larger wedding parties require us to spend more time doing off-site processing.  Add $20 for each additional person in the wedding party over the included 10.
  2. Add a second photographer.  The problem with a single photographer is they can only be in one place at a time and often, there are things happening at the same time, in different places you may want to record. This option also include a portrait station at no additional cost if you want one: $500.00
  3. portrait station.  For weddings with a single photographer: We’ll bring a professional backdrop & lighting and setup a station during the reception where your guest can stop by in groups and have formals taken. This option includes a second photographer for those 3 hours. (3 hours max) $250.00
  4. Attendance at the wedding rehearsal.  A photographer will attend your wedding rehearsal to consult on proper placement, pauses, lighting, etc. to make sure the photos taken at your wedding are they best then can be. Up to 2 hours on site, with 30 minutes of travel each way from Worcester (3 hours total) - $75.00
  5. Officiant.  We can provide an officiant for your wedding and perform the ceremony!  We have an ordained minister on staff.  They will meet with you for 2 hours (in our office) to come up with a script for the ceremony, attend the wedding rehearsal, marry you, and mail in the wedding license the next day.  - $200.00
  6. Print Package 1: 25 5”x7” print, 5 8”x10” prints, & 1 16”x20” print on glossy paper.   - $125.00
  7. Print Package 2: 25 5”x7” print, 5 8”x10” prints, & 1 16”x20” print on metallic paper.  -  $140.00
  8. PhotoBook 11”x8.5” with full-color cover & 20 pages (40 sides) ...  Includes Layout and 1st book: $129.99
    • Additional copies: $80.00 (at same time), $85.00 (at later time)
  1. PhotoBook 12”x12” with Full Color Cover & 20 pages (40 sides)... Includes Layout and 1st book: $169.99
    • Additional copies: $95 (at same time), $102.00 (at later time)
  2. 16 x 20 Canvas (Wrapped) - Heavy-duty canvas finished with a UV and water resistant dry lamination process. The canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame. - $120.00
  3. 16 x 20 Print Wrap- Add dimension and sophistication with this unique wall art piece. Printed on photographic paper and laminated with a mounting block on the back, Print Wraps easily create that gallery look inside your home.  Print wrapped around layer of foam with a block on back pre-drilled for mounting.  Choice of gloss or matte lamination. - $94.99
  4. 16 x 20 Standout - A Standout is a 1.5" thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a lightly textured black or smooth white trim around the edges. $149.99
  5. Full Resolution Digital Negatives of all the Photos. In both JPG and TIFF format, with no watermarks: $1,000


Contact us: (508) 925-0003 or use buttons below.

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