We've got visual content for you!


Just as you don't give out your content for free, but monetize it, we also do not give out our work for free.  If you would like to license our work on your digital platforms, here are the fees:

  • $250 for one photo/video for a month. - $125/month after that.
  • $500 for all the photos/videos taken on a single day for a month. - $250/month after that.
  • $2500 for all the landscape shots we take for a month (2-3 shots per week). - $25,000/year (prepay).
  • Ask if you want an exclusive license.  If it is available we will quote a price.

When you license a shot, we will provide you with an unwatermarked version for use. Most of our shots are sunrise or sunset shots from the Worcester MA area, but as we travel that may change from time to time.  We have an Airspace Authorization for the Worcester MA airspace from the FAA, so a lot of the shots are drone shots, but they are not all drone shots.

To see some of our past work that is in scope for this pricing, visit here.  Each photo is a gallery you can click on for related theme pictures.

We can get you all set up in about 15 minutes with what you need.  We will email you a square invoice, that you will pay with a credit card.  Once the invoice is paid in full, we will allow you a license to use the related media.  For the annual deal, we will setup a shared web gallery where we will upload everything we shoot, and you can just download from it what you want to use.

If you would like to license our work, give us a call at 508-796-2222 or an email at [email protected] -- Say you would like to license our work, tell us which plan/what you want to license, and include:

  1. A valid EMail address
  2. The full company name of who you represent.
  3. A billing address (for computing sales tax)
  4. A mobile number in case we need to reach you

Thanks, we look forward to working with you.