Congratulations on your engagement!

Planning a wedding takes time, patience, and a little creativity, but all the hard work will result in a day you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives. At Lavallee Photography we strive to capture the joy, happiness, and elation of your wedding day. When all your planning is over, we're there to capture the newlywed bliss. We will be there to photograph the nervous bride putting on her jewelry, the first kiss as a married couple, and all the way through to the dance floor.

Weddings are a complicated beast, and we're here to help.  We sit down with every couple personally -- you meet with your photographers directly, and we walk you through the entire process, from getting dressed, to the last dance.  After the wedding, we spend 2 business days on your photos, and after that, they are on the way to you!  In almost all cases, the CD/DVD with your photos is waiting for you in your mailbox when you come back from your honeymoon.  Your gallery on the internet is live within 2 business days.

2010-02-06-steven-&-jessica-belcher-0078-of-1197Stitching on the Dress

We come prepared -- we bring medkits, sewing kits, bobby pins, and anything else you might need on your day.  We're here to help and take some of your stress away.  We've done these hundreds of times before, and we aim to be equipped to handle emergencies we have seen time and time again.


The first step is to set up a meeting to talk about it. Can we set up an initial meeting with the two of you-- there is a table at the bottom of this page where you can set up your initial meeting?  

If we are past the COVID crisis, the meeting will be at our office in downtown Worcester MA:

250 Commercial St, #450
Worcester, MA 01608

That's 1 block from the DCU Center.  There is a parking garage diagonally across the street, or you can park on the street.

If we're still in the pandemic, we'll probably do the meeting online in ZOOM.

Please bring the following with you:

  1. Your wedding notebook -- we ask lots of questions
  2. Your future spouse

Please do not bring:

  1. Anything that will distract or frustrate you.  Small kids are top on the list, and your future spouse doesn't count!

You can review our website to see lots of photos we have taken.

To hire us, we need to have a signed contract, and 50% down (we use Square, and they also offer financing options.) How much of an investment will it require? Our 2020 prices are located here.

Congratulations again, and we look forward to working with you on your special day.

Like what you see?  Set up an initial meeting with us below.  It will be done via ZOOM.